Who We Are?

Who We Are? Who We Are? Who We Are?
As a professional translation agency, LINGULATION is translating for companies and individual customers for more than 50 languages. LINGULATION is based in Amsterdam and have branches in different locations. We work with hundreds of qualified and tested translators across the globe.

We provide translation services for many diversified field. We have native translator pool for more than 50 languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Turkish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Swedish and many others. We provide economic translation on time on demand.

We assign your project to our translators according to their specialization in target language. In our system, game localization translators are different than web page translators. Patent document translators do not translate travel advertisement.

We are motivated for your organization's best interest. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements with our experienced team.

(+31) 20 893-2250